"Women Don't Care About Contraception"

The Republican governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, does not seem to think that women care about contraception.  If that is a mainstream view among Republican leaders, I am willing to bet they are a bit out of touch with the concerns of American women.


  1. I think many American women are out of touch with the concerns of women. When I was immersed in my patriarchal church, I was more concerned about surviving and that meant being more concerned with upholding the power of a few select men than being concerned with the majority of the women and men in the group.

  2. She did say that women don't want government mandating when we have to have it or don't, which I agree with. The thing that bothers me about religious agendas in politics is that they end up doing more harm than good. For example, government stops funding Planned Parenthoods because the religious right wing doesn't want tax money funding abortions. Planned Parenthood mostly gives women low cost reproductive healthcare (pap tests and other cancer screenings, etc) and help with preventing pregnancies through contraception. Most, as far as I know, don't provide abortions though they may refer a woman to someone who will. Taking away that funding means taking away reproductive healthcare for women who can't afford to go to a regular clinic. It's wrong.

  3. Delusions, anyone? Did you ever see that TV show of women who didn't realize they were pregnant and suddenly gave birth in the grocery store. Sure, there are plenty of ignorant women who don't understand their bodies, but they need to be educated, not excused. Just propogating more ignorant clones isn't necessarily going to do the world any good.

  4. Nikki Haley knows that women cares about contraception,so Nikki Haley is a liar.Nothing more to add.

  5. A dumb comment although much more idiotic is all the men making this out to be a women's issue. Women's health is important, but we're all adults and men have as much responsibility as women. Why is no one talking about male sterilization or male birth control which is in fact being studied?

    1. Here I was, already to write "In other news, men don't care about getting laid, either." My guess is that Gov. Haley, and most of her acquaintances, can afford to buy their own birth control, so why would it be an issue for anyone else?

      One of the best ways to avoid understanding an issue is to listen to politicians discussing it.

  6. Amelie, because it's all about controlling women. And men avoiding responsibility.

  7. I'm a Catholic and I -- like most Catholic women -- believe in family planning and that, my friends is not accomplished with rhythm. We all decided decades ago that the Pope doesn't pay our bills and 'formed our own conscience' and still go to Mass.

    Legislating my or anyone else's morality, in this case, is idiocy.

  8. Phil,

    Great blog post!

    Even though she is young,Nikki Haley is a seasoned politician. If she thought that comment was going to damage her future campaigns I am confident she would not have made that statement. While I am pro-choice I realize that the GOP has large support, even among women, regarding their stance on woman's reproductive rights.

    At polling report.com, which is sorta search engine for various polls conducted by various agencies, Bloomberg National Poll asks quote:

    "Do you believe birth control should or should not be a part of the national political debate"

    Of the 1002 adults polled only 20 % said yes while 71 % said no. (source) http://www.pollingreport.com/abortion.htm

    I know the poll is broken down by gender but I am confident that power players like Mrs. Haley are aware of statistics like that.

    If you scroll the length of the url I posted you can see a pretty mixed bag on birth control made by both genders. I wish they had a gender break-down on most or all of the polls however their is a strong theme of being a mixed bagged on woman's birth control rights.

    The View is great for finding a way to have that mini-discussion without having the guests yelling at one another. The woman in the red outfit was awesome at framing the question to Mrs Haley in the manner that she did.

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  10. Republicans have a cleverly conceived (ha) talking point. It goes like this: "Whenever someone brings up the Republicans-hate-women-because-of-the-contraception-flap thing, just say 'women care more about the economy than they do contraception.' Say it loud & often and maybe someone will believe us." Romney uses it all the time. Gov jumped too fast on it. Not very artful.

  11. Does it surprise you that she'd say that? Right-wing Republicans have been living in their own ideological cocoon for years.

  12. I think both sides "talk" past each other when they say "American Women" or even "Women" as if there is such a monolithic entity. When either side or any side does this, they are using demagoguery.

    People's opinions are very different. So I agree that the government should not try to homogenize preferences.

  13. Let's imagine you're a creature of some imaginary race. And when you are growing up you learn that you experience impulses to do certain things that are so strong that you feel like you might explode if you don't get to do them. But if you do, you are told, you risk having a parasite implant itself in your body, suck your veins, and finally tear you up from the inside out -- after which you will be expected to support and tend it for the better part of two decades.

    Then someone comes along and says here, here's a pill that will keep that from happening. WHAT IDIOT WOULD NOT CARE ABOUT THAT? And what idiot would believe someone who said there were people who didn't care?

    Even members of a cult who believe that Parasites Are Holy would, in their heart of hearts, care.

    In short, this woman is a liar and a lunatic who shouldn't be in charge of a housecleaning team, much less a state. Gaah.

  14. Saya dari indonesia.. salam kenal yah.. semoga sukses.:)


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