The Occupy Movement

It seems like the Occupy Movement is still going, despite what appears to be little or no mainstream media coverage. 

I do not own a TV and follow the mainstream media mostly via their websites, so I could be very wrong about the lack of mainstream media coverage.  Does anyone know whether the major networks have been covering the Occupy Movement?

On the other hand, I get email updates of some of the things happening in New York City.  At times, I am being told that the marchers have filled up the street for four or five city blocks.  That could easily be a thousand or more people.  But, again, the media seems to be silent on these protests, which are now happening frequently.

Is it news that the Occupy Movement appears to be coming back after the winter?


  1. I think not. I don't watch much news (I tune in to either the local news or New England Cable News about once a day), and I think I've only heard the words "Occupy Movement" once in the recent past. I think they need a new strategy. Or spokespeople. Or leaders.

  2. Occupy spent the winter gearing up for a much bigger presence. I have that on good authority. They are just getting started, and look out for a theme of climate change just in time for Earth Day.

  3. Occupy Toronto is still around. I don't know what's going on in the States, though. :)

  4. Given how media distorts a message, it might be better that it is not getting covered. And I don't mean that as either a liberal/conservative statement, it is just the nature of media. They didn't organize using the media the first time around, so it is not a barometer of how they are doing.

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