Suing God

Over the course of the past year, my hair has turned increasingly white. Since I'm pretty close to 55 years old, this seems to be the fault of aging.  Consequently, I am now determined to sue God and name the Pope as a co-defendant.

What do you think my chances of an out-of-court settlement are?

Also, what should I do with the Vatican once that property is in my hands?


  1. Don't sell the property until you have full clear titles in your hands...and it could take some time.

  2. Pretty good actually. God hates bad PR. So does the pope.

  3. I'm not as confident in your chances as Donna. Besides, God might settle by raining manna on your lawn everyday (except Saturday) for the rest of your life.

    If you do get the Vatican, I've heard rumors that there are vast treasures of art and scriptures which point to a more spiritual than literal interpretation of Jesus. I think I'd look for those, make part of the property a museum for them, then open up a combination pizza/doughnut shop on the other part of the property. I'd call it "The Holey Piece."

    Oh, by the way, if it's available online, there was a great Masterpiece Theater production called "God on Trial," with a plot involving Jews in the German concentration camps suing God. It's a great flick if you can find it.

  4. If it's of any consolation, I'm seeing more and more little gray hairs on my head. I'm nowhere near salt-and-pepper yet, but I expect to be gray as a mule by 50.

    My advice would either be to (1) rent Vatican building as luxury condos, or (2) demolish superfluous buildings and cultivate a vegetable garden in their place. You can even have some of my compost.

  5. potsoc and Wise Mule-- you both made me laugh. Thank you!


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